"Seigel’s solid debut provides an intriguing and plausible variant on moon landing conspiracy theories. . . . Equally strong on plotting and characterization, Seigel does better than many other thriller writers in making his lead’s pain and uncertainty about the past palpable."


               --Publishers Weekly

"Tom Seigel has come up with a great concept for his first novel, The Astronaut's Son. It's an engaging, fascinating work."


"The Astronaut's Son is a compelling literary thriller."


                --Foreword Reviews

The Astronaut's Son will "keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through . . . The best part of this book are the characters . . . The dialogue and description are good too."


                  --Mensa Bulletin

"[T]he book never fails to be eye-popping[.]" 


                --Mystery Scene Magazine

"The Astronaut’s Son is a very compelling book that will have you reading until the very last page[.]" (five stars)

               --Manhattan Book Review

"The Astronaut's Son is a fast-paced thriller that is as deeply informed as it is spellbinding.  It probes the fascinating ways in which the future of space travel--and the legacy of World War Two--may be hostage to a dark, conspiratorial past.  It is a tale of fathers and sons in which a memorable hero struggles with the ironies and deceits of history, as well as with haunting, and personal, moral complexities.  Readers who love the foreign intrigue novels of Philip Kerr and Alan Furst will rejoice in Tom Seigel's ambitious first novel."

                Jay Neugeboren, author of Max Baer and the Star of David, Imagining Robert and 1940

"The Astronaut’s Son is a suspense novel with heart:  smart; funny; poignant; surprising; and, in the end, deeply satisfying.  Jonathan Stein is a complex hero, a man on a lunar—and sometimes lunatic—mission.  Stein embarks on an extraordinary quest, driven by love, grief, anger, paranoia, and just a touch of pure chutzpah.  What a pleasure it is to accompany him on his journey.  Climb aboard and prepare for lift-off in this joyride of a novel."

               Hollis Seamon, author of Somebody Up There Hates You and Corporeality