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Advance Praise for Caught on Film

"Imagine a novel written with the strung-out intensity of a Dennis Hopper, the rapier-like cultural critique of a Thomas Pynchon, and the serio-comic word-play of a George Carlin and you might begin to have some idea of Tom Seigel’s Caught on Film. By turns funny, clever, and inventive, the novel is ultimately not merely an homage to J.D. Salinger and his The Catcher in the Rye, it is a serious meditation on what the author and his magnum opus mean—or at least, should mean--to our world. Right before our very eyes, Seigel’s brilliant legerdemain pulls a literary rabbit from a hat: imagining what Salinger's mid-century teen might mean to a new generation of readers."

          Michael White, author of Soul Catcher and Beautiful Assassin

"A young, ultra-worldly mega-star wants to portray that most unworldly of fictional characters, Holden Caulfield. Tom Seigel thus sets up a scenario where a very hip, creative will runs headlong into legal realities set in stone by J.D. Salinger. The result, abetted by firecracker dialogue and a droll raft of up-scale and street-wise details, is a tableau of media-driven fixations: Is a book a pre-movie? Is celebrity a prison? Is authorship an act of exclusion? Is there life without cameras? Paradox contends with paradox yet Seigel fashions a gripping quest story with its own insights, surprises and a dash of romance. This is an ambitious take on a mythic text, at once shrewd and yearning."

          Baron Wormser, author of Songs from a Voice and Teach Us That Peace

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